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Description 14k Solid Gold Personalized Charm.This listing shows the two most popular sizes of solid gold charms that I make... tiny 3/8" and the larger 1/2". The tiny 3/8" are great for initials and multiple pieces on one chain. The larger 1/2" version is perfect for the larger ..
$79.00 $79.00
Description - These statement earrings are perfect to wear with any look.- These boho earrings are elegant and charming.These beautiful handcrafted round earrings are made of14K yellow gold.Blue opal is October's birthstone.HANDMADE JEWELRY ~ EXCELLENT PRICEThese earrings are care..
$125.00 $125.00
Description This 70th birthday necklace with birthstone is handcrafted and made to order just for you. An ideal 70th birthday gift for her this sterling silver necklace features 7 rings to represent each of the 7 des the recipient is celebrating. Sitting in the centre of the penda..
$69.00 $69.00
Description You can order this pendant in gold as well as any other itemSmall hammerWeight: approx 13 g (0,45 oz)Size: 31 x 23 mm 1,22 x 0,9 inches diameter of the hole for the chain - 3,5 mm Medium hammerWeight: approx 18 g (0,63 oz)Size: 38 x 27 mm 1,49 x 1,06 ..
$55.00 $55.00
Description This is a women's lightweight sterling silver Russian pressed amber pendant necklace.Amber is actually a fossilised resin and not a mineral and so is warm to touch instead of cold like most stones and is very light in weight.DIMENSIONS Amber approx. 25x18mm.18 inch Ste..
$47.00 $47.00
Description ITEM DESCRIPTION: This fine Amethyst Tree Of Life necklace is handmade of copper wire and natural Amethyst gemstone.Tree Of Life Pendant - 1.8 x 1.4 inches (4.5 x 3.5 cm) The necklace will come on your choice of copper chain length from 18, 20, 22, 24, 26, 28, 30 -i..
$62.00 $62.00
Description Blue necklace Large pendant Chain necklace Exclusive jewelry for women Gift Inspiration jewelry Aromatherapy pendant Fantasy necklace Aromatherapy jewelry Aromatherapy necklace Polymer clay jewelry Stylish pendant Blue pendant Gift for her Fairytale Gift_______________..
$55.97 $55.97
Description ***** Spring Sale - Use Coupon Code SPRING10 ***** "Simplicity with Elegance" Every day beautiful artisan handmade solid sterling silver Lapis Pendant. A beautiful color & versatile gemstone. Ever green color great for spring to fall. Made of sterling silver & natur..
$59.00 $59.00
Description Lightning Bolt necklace. This bolt-shaped pendant has been carefully designed, with ancient runes on both sides. It has been cast in solid white bronze and sterling silver. The bolt measures 1 3/8 inches (34mm). All faces have been carefully polished, and the runes hav..
$79.90 $79.90
Description In the Divine Land, the plum blossom reminds us that even the most delicate beauty contains strength. Blooming in the harshest of winters, this flower represents the virtues of endurance and overcoming adversities. Item Specifics 14K Gold Filled Chain Genuine Natural R..
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Description the modular concrete necklace is part of the concrete jewelry collection designed by the italian duo Studio Mondocubo for ORTOGONALE. 11 interchangeable modules in lightweight and reinforced concrete make this concrete jewel very versatile: from minimalist style, moder..
$59.90 $59.90
Description This gorgeous copper necklace is the perfect gift for her for your 7th, or 22nd copper wedding anniversary! Show her how much you love her with this symbolic circle necklace that represents your never ending love for her! The 2 1/4 inch copper circle pendant has been..
$59.00 $59.00
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